Would You Believe It Only Costs $3900?

Would you believe that this pioneer log cabin only costs $3900! It's a common first impression that building any form of shelter could be pretty costly. When you hear of people telling you on how low you could spend in building or owning a cabin or a house, you will always think of a catch that could go after it. But not with this cabin that you’re about to find out, because although it’s budget-friendly, we can say that it’s cheap for a good reason that you won’t have to deal with a “catch” later. So brace yourselves when we tell you that this pioneer log cabin.

We believe that it’s all about finding the right pieces from the right dealer. The standard features of this cabin include the use of some 4x6 pine logs; therefore you can expect the scent of its interior to be calming and soothing. It has one Dutch door and another one called the Adult door. You will see 3 windows to keep you well ventilated inside, especially when it also comes with a gable that has vents.

The cabin has this 42” loft with rail and ladder image. Moreover, the following materials were also used to complete its standard feature: 2” tongue and groove floor, 1” pine tongue and groove sheathing, 12/12-pitch roof, and a 30-year steel roof along with the fact that it’s stained with Sikkens.

For $3,900, this cabin has redefined class, elegance and simplicity that no other cabin in this price has ever done. The company behind this amazing deal is the Wayside Lawn Structures in Ohio, United States. They offer many options for their prospective clients in order to own a cabin that wouldn't hurt their wallet while not sacrificing the quality of the space. They even have some rent-to-own deals!

We suggest that you get to know more about this affordable cabin and what else could this company offer you by visiting the site 'Wayside Lawn Structures' below.

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