Top 10 Most Beautiful Log Homes #4

Contrary to popular belief, log cabins and houses are usually the primary residence of the owners versus being weekend getaways situated in remote areas. A lot of the most beautiful log homes are actually built by metropolitan regions. Wood is an excellent natural resource and builds the most beautiful homes. In addition to being self renewing and sustainable; harvesting wood causes less damage to the environment compared to extracting oil, metal or minerals. Lumber is also easier to work with versus brickwork, stone masonry, glass works or metal smith.

The technology behind building these magnificent homes allows "modular log homes" to be built in a couple of weeks as opposed to a few months or more. This construction method is streamlined and efficient and the system allows the homes to be "prefabricated" during the foundation construction process and therefore significantly reduces the chance of moisture entering the home during the construction period. This eliminates any mold or mildew problems that can occur with the construction process using wet wood.

Wood technology has progressed even further to make beautiful homes and yachts. The elegant bathtub and yacht creators Algena, are known for their beautiful, inviting, smooth natural wood finish tub that is ergonomic in its design so it can allow two people to relax and enjoy. The natural earthy hues of the wood finishes on both the inside of the house and the outside are soothing and grounding, and are trendy rustic-chic colors.

It is also good to see log home builders and furniture craftsmen promoting the use of "special certified wood" from controlled tree felling and reforestation focus. These companies use dead wood like: wind-toppled, beetle killed, or lightning struck, re-purposes it into a thing modern craftsmanship that will be enjoyed and the topic of conversations for generations to come. Make sure you check out these Top 10 Most Beautiful Log Homes via the link to Prefabricated Homes below!

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