The Luxurious Interior of This Tiny Log Cabin Will Blow Your Mind

Log cabin living has been around for hundreds of years, log cabins through the years have served as full time homes, guest cottages, studio spaces, vacation lodges, and vacation log cabins, all over the world. "SMALL LOG CABINS," fit in perfectly with their natural environment, are a durable, long lasting structure, that have been making people happy for generations of families and friends.

A small log cabin can come in a variety of styles, plans and designs. It takes a lot of thought and imagination to build your own log cabin using recycled and locally sourced materials, if that is what you are considering. A small log cabin home can be an eco friendly cabin, by using sustainable building practices, solar power and off grid options. Different cultures around the world have different building techniques based on the materials that are found locally. A log cabin home can be built with logs from the property , a stone fireplace, and stonework can be done with any stones found on the property or surrounding areas.

When building a log cabin home there are many styles to choose from, some of the log cabin styles available are; full scribed log cabins, which are the most skill labor intensive, scribe and hand cut each log to match the contours of the log below; chink style log homes, with notching only corner intersections of each log horizontal joints sealed with a synthetic "chinking" material to create weatherproof structure; log hybrid cabin or log home, uses conventional construction along with both structural and non structural log elements, structural and decorative log trusses, log roof structures, log beams and for joists, hand crafted log siding, log porches, log stairs and railings, log mantles, and custom milled beams can be incorporated into the log home.

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