Take A Look At This Majestic Log Home on Trinity Lake

This is a beautiful custom log house on Trinity Lake in Trinity Lake County in California. It features all the bells and whistles that come with luxury log home plans and more. There's even a tree house that serves as a guest room. Plus, you can't beat the amazing location. Surrounded by forested mountains, right by a lake, in the heart of nature, this would be the perfect place to call home if you love being surrounded by natural beauty. There are actually studies being done to prove how beneficial living in a forest is for our health and wellbeing. Some studies even show that people live longer when they live out in nature, which makes complete sense because our biological system is meant to be in synch with the rhythms of the earth and nature. There are also studies being done to show the benefits of living in a log house. Just like being in a forest, living in a log home gives a person the same health benefits as living or being in a forest will. That's why people in Japan practice a type of mediation known as forest bathing where they just sit in a forest for a length of time bathing in the energies of the forest. It can be very therapeutic and relaxing.

You'd be sure to feel relaxed all of the time living in a log house design like this. It's not too often that luxury log home plans like this one come up for sale, so it's a great opportunity for anyone who's interested. The log house is 3,500 square feet in total giving the inhabitants plenty of room to spread out. On the main floor, you'll find the living area with 1 full bathroom and one-half bathroom. The master bedroom is furnished and has a large bathtub and a large walk-in shower with wheel chair access. There's a furnished upstairs area that's completely open and has a half bathroom and a huge storage area. The driveway has been freshly paved which is a nice upgrade, and there's a 7500-gallon water storage tank just in case the owners want to live off grid. This would also make the perfect homestead since there are raised garden beds in the yard with chickens too.

The log house was built in the traditional style with full, rounded logs that have been scribed and chinked. This will make the log house very well insulated and energy efficient. That's always something you'll want to check out as you're looking at log houses. You want to check and make sure that the log house is sufficiently insulated and that if there are any cracks in the logs or the chinking that they can easily be fixed. Usually, a log house will be very well insulated which means it'll stay nice and cool in the summer which would be good for California, but it will also stay nice and warm in the winter time too. No log house design would be complete without a fireplace, which this one has. It's built out of beautiful stone with a lovely mantle and built in storage for keeping wood for the fire. Imagine how cozy it would be in the living room with the fire burning. The kitchen is incredible and would be any home chef's dream kitchen, with a huge island and lots of storage for kitchen appliances and items. There's even a cute chalkboard above the cabinets. Enjoy the full video tour of this exquisite log house for sale, and if you're interested in buying a home in the area, you can contact Doren Morgan at California Outdoor Properties.***

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