People Are Impressed with This Outstanding Log Home Built by Charlie Manz

The construction of a log home is a fascinating and intensive process. It's often quite amazing to see a log house being built from the ground up and to see all of the hard work that goes into it. This video on SWR Fernsehen captures the building of a log house by Charlie Manz, who was one of the first people to build a Canadian Blockhaus in Germany. Even though the video is in German, you can still watch and learn a lot about how these handcrafted log houses are built and all of the hard work that goes into them. From the peeling of the logs, which is often done by hand in a handcrafted build, to the measuring and scribing of each log to stack them perfectly on top of one another. When someone chooses to have a handcrafted log house built for them, there are many factors and elements of planning to consider. Primarily, people definitely would love to know the cost, but, there are other aspects of the planning that must be addressed before the cost is even determined.

First of all, a person who wants to build a house, of course, needs some land to built upon. Then a Realtor has to go and assess the land that the house is to be built on to see if it is viable. The land must also have the ability to be permitted to build on. Before anything gets built, the land must also be suitable for septic to be implemented for water and sewage. Then the site of the build is determined, and the utilities are put in place. Some digging, clearing and leveling might need to take place at this point to create a level, open space to build a home on. Then comes the fun part, designing the log house. This includes figuring out the floor plan, assessing how many bedrooms and bathrooms will be needed to suit the needs of the inhabitants, and what they envision their home to look like. Everyone has different needs and desires when it comes to the floor plan of their home, so it is quite important to consider all aspects of the design. Even though this can be the most exciting part of the building process for the customers, but it can also be a bit tedious. Think of the "must have items" that you need for comfort in your home. Would it be to have a master bedroom suite? Would you need a garage? Would you prefer it to be attached or detached? Do you want or need a basement? These are simply some of the items that can be considered when dreaming up a plan.

Considering the financing for the log home build is another major aspect of the building process. You need construction money as well as mortgage money for the log home. So this means keeping a budget in mind for the log house build and making sure that you are sticking to it throughout the process. When all of these things are considered, the log house construction phases should run fairly smoothly. Of course, when building any structure outdoors, the weather may interfere here and there, but you factor that in. You can see just how much hard work and talent goes into building these beauties, and then you get to marvel at the finished result at the end of the video. It's pretty cool to have a sneak peek into the log home building process and get a feel for what it's all about. Enjoy the video and watch more over on SWR Fernsehen.***

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