Off Grid: Battery 'Runs On Air!'

Living off the grid also means going for rechargeable and other battery-operated materials. It only makes sense since having this lifestyle would cause a lot of efforts and wasted time going to town just to replace some things that would require energy. So replaceable stuff is definitely not an option, but rechargeable items are must haves.

We are talking about materials that often need batteries like your mobile phones, iPads, laptops and remote controls. Since living off grid could only allow you to use limited power to charge them up with your solar panels, you will need a more powerful source of energy to save you from driving long miles just to have new batteries. You’re in luck today because you’re about to find out this battery that is powered by air.

It is indeed one-of-a-kind, and it’s called the MetAir. It powers ten times longer than the usual lead acid battery, and it has a built-in lithium battery that comes with a charger, which enables you to use it like a backup battery. In the event that you don’t have the electricity to recharge it, just peel the strip that it has on it and use its cartridge as the source to power it up again.

You probably are wondering why it was called a battery that runs on air. The reason behind it is because usually, batteries are made of an anode and a cathode material. But this battery is different because the anode that is used here to power your gadgets is made from a special blend of zinc that when mixed with air, which is the cathode; it will turn into zinc oxide while it produces energy.

To know more about the technical details and other benefits of this amazing new battery, check out the website “” below.

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