Is Living in a $5K, 120-Square-Foot Tiny House ‘Extreme’? Ask This Guy

People have different reasons for downsizing, and moving into small houses, tiny houses, micro houses and small cabin off grid houses, whatever the reason for the change, there is always an interesting small house story to tell, along with an original small house space design, and style. Some people may wonder "Is Living in a $5K, 120-Square-Foot Tiny House 'Extreme'? Ask This Guy," turns out to be an inspiring and insightful read.

Since Matt Wolpe moved into his tiny 120 square foot tiny house, he says his tiny house has been 'defining' him, when people introduce him to others, they introduce him as 'Matt, he lives in a tiny house,' rather than just introducing him as Matt. But Matt is enjoying his tiny house adventure, and has been documenting the progress he has been making on the Oakland tiny house in California. Becoming a part of the tiny house movement may have people thinking your different or eccentric, but that is just because tiny houses are new to some people, and in time you will be seeing more and more tiny houses, small houses and micro housing communities.

Wolpe's tiny house for now has everything he needs, with a working kitchen, composting toilet, outdoor shower, storage couch, loft bed, one legged desk and a lovely exterior made with reclaimed red wood, his tiny house is rustic, yet cute, and offers him a home that is comfortable and has everything he needs, sounds like a pretty good life. Tiny homes are becoming so popular, as they offer many a chance to own a home outright, with no big mortgage payments, maintenance, and big utility bills. Owning a small house, is a great way to have money in the bank, while having more freedom to pursue the things you enjoy most, such as hobbies and travel.

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