How To Build Your Own Incredible Cheap Outdoor Pizza Oven

Having the luxury of baking pizza and bread outdoors is an amazing idea, especially if you are able to share and enjoy it with some friends. And actually, building a cob oven is easy, fast and inexpensive, too! As a matter of fact, it is actually cheaper than your pizza delivery cost on Friday night. Cob is a basic building method of cooking oven. This is a very old style of building that has been used for many many years. People even use this method to build houses down in the more desert like place, where it is dry and warm. The adobe type structure is built with a mixture of sand, clay, and straw. When it is mixed and molded, it builds a long-lasting, solid, heat-tolerant oven. In ancient times, people in the entire world, regardless of any countries, utilized cobs as part of their cooking materials as well. It is also a very sustainable and eco friendly type of building to build with materials from the earth. Your pizza would be cooked by elements of the earth, and would taste so amazing.

How fun would t be to have a pizza party where everyone made their own pizzas from the dough and put on all of their own toppings and all? You could even make calzones in a wood fire oven like this one. It would be so much fun for kids of an old enough age group to make their very own pizzas and watch them being cooked by an adult. So how do you go about building one of these babies? Honestly, you don't need too much to do it really. Just some affordable materials and some of your time. You will be cooking up your own pizzas in no time.

1.Prepare your materials:

Depending on the size and type of cob you are building, prepare the tools and materials needed. Some people claimed that with such high temperature the bricks will crack, and that is why you need to use heat resistance bricks. False! The truth is that bricks will not be crack due to high temperature and it is proven to be strong ever since.

2.Prepare the foundation:

Since you are dealing with heat, it is important to place a good base for the cob. Make sure the base is flat and strong enough to contain the cob in any condition. It looks like in this tutorial, they used some cinder blocks and some rocks, then added some beer bottles for some insulation, with some sawdust and clay and mortar. This brings the oven up to a good working height as well.

3.Place the bricks:

This is where you start planning the position of the bricks for the dome, before you can permanently fix them.

4.Do not forget the arch and the chimney:

The arch is the entrance where you access the inside of the oven. Depending on what size suits you, the most common size of an arch is around two-thirds the height of the cob.

5. Permanently fix them:

Once you get your whole oven structure, cement the base to the first layer of bricks up to its top. Afterwards, spread the cement on the entire cob so that it will provide better insulation for the oven remains hotter.

6.Drying and clean up:

Let it dry for a couple of days and clean the remaining sand off the oven.

7. Start off with a small fire!:

You can now test the oven by creating a small fire and see if there are any holes or cracks that you were not aware of. If everything looks good, then you are ready to cook!

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