How To Build A Rustic Log Cabin

Are you wanting a seriously rustic cabin in the woods? Like seriously rustic... no water, plumbing, electricity, nor heat source like an oven or stove, no insulation, so this is very back to basics. If this is what you are looking for than the people at North West Pacific Properties will have something that interests you!

They try to use materials they find from the site they are building on instead of buying new materials. They use the surrounding cedars and hemlock trees, cut right there and used right away. Only the doors, the windows and the roof and roofing supplies get hauled in. Its pretty neat that they build them this way, much like they would have been built in the pioneer days when the first settlers came to North America. They just used whatever it was they could find around them to build their homes and buildings. There were no Home Hardwares or Home Depots that you could get all of your materials from, you just went and cut down a couple of trees and started working away.

If this type of really rustic way of life appeals to you and you want a life that has you living really close to nature, than this is the way to go about it. They show you through photos how you can build one yourself even, some brief explanations about how they do it. You can't get much simpler than this with a log cabin. I love that it has that really natural feel, the original cabin in the woods feel. They have some that are still for sale too if you wanted to just buy one that is already made. Its worth having a look at their impressive work!

You will be inspired! Head over to ‘North West Pacific Properties ' by following the link in the description below for more!

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