How to Build a Log Cabin for $100

Have you ever dreamed of building your own, tiny little log cabin out in a beautiful stretching wilderness with nature as far as the eye can see? That awesome feeling of waking up in the morning to the sound of birds singing, fresh air blowing and with no neighbours in sight (unless you count the deer as your neighbours).

The calm and beautiful serenity of living in nature in a cozy off-grid log cabin may have a great appeal to many people. After-all, you could say that this kind of lifestyle is hard-coded into our DNA as our ancestors and ancestors before them lived this way. They were connected with the land. With the earth, with it's soil, with the nature around, the weather and the trees. It's a part of our genetic code to feel comfortable, at ease and at peace in this type of beautiful surrounding.

The dream of building a log cabin is a dream indeed shared by many, however the busy modern life and hustle and bustle of modern living as well as the cost factors involved, make it difficult for many people to ever imagine a day when they might be able to own a log cabin of their own.

Well, for those dreamers, we have found something very special for you. Did you know that it was possible to build your very own rustic and primitive log cabin for under $100 in materials? Probably you are in state of shock as well as doubting upon the cost that you have read. Believe it or now, it's possible, but it requires a whole log of do-it-yourself gusto. We have found a fantastic guide that will teach you how to build your own log cabin for under $100, and we hope that you will enjoy and like it!

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