Gorgeous Log Cabin for only $43,000!

Cabins, for many reasons are becoming a trend these days. Aside from the fact that they are comfortable to live in, it is no doubt that they are also cost efficient. You will be surprised that buying or building a log home is not all that much more than buying or building a traditional house. Some log cabins can be bought as kits and you will see these more and more offered on eBay and other kit sites on the web.

In regards to the movable log homes, here is one particular cabin that you could easily purchase and have it automatically brought to your empty space or lot. This one from Ebay is a cabin that you could easily transfer to your open lot whenever you want to. It comes with a fireplace with different styles to choose from and it is also fully furnished. The price is $ 42, 999.99 and it is not bad for a brand new house! You donít have to worry about all the labor and the materials because you will get it as it is the according to how it was advertised.

It has hidden wheels and it is classified as an RV so you can be free from paying property taxes. If you are in the mood to live off the grid, this is also a perfect shelter to make this dream a reality. You will get all the appliances that you need as soon as you order it. This cabin does not exceed 400 square meters to will qualify to be under the RV classification. The designers really did a great job to make it look bigger than you could imagine for a movable home. Check out Ebay and its link below to see more information about this product.

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