DIY Bookshelf

A good books needs a good bookshelf. You can actually design your own either using pipes, ladders, crates, belts etc. Or you may refer the websites for diverse and unique designs to have an idea. If you are tight in budget, you can use recycled materials in order to save and you can create and customized your bookshelf in less than a day. You can choose to paint it with your favorite color or you can just simply leave it natural.

You can search the web where you can purchase cheap materials but you can also consider at home depot. You can purchase around $10 for unfinished wooden crates. You must have to look for the label on the side with sticky stuff rather the once in glue before purchasing. After which, buy a paint or any spray of any color palette you desire either Olympic or Valspar in brand. The only trickiest thing upon doing this project is putting it all together after other processes is done. It would be best if you purchase screws.

There are actually lots of designs you can choose from. One of which is Anthropologie Knock Off Bookcase, wherein you will only need a few pieces of woods as wells as a couple of hours to create this extraordinary display case for your favorite books. You may also try rolling bookshelf. The materials that you need for this kind of project is a wooden cable spool which could probably be purchased in a yard sale or thrift store. You also need a wooden dowels in order to hold the books in place as well as add casters and paint it whatever color you want to make it look great.

Another thing is a Hanging Book Display. This kind of bookshelf is perfect for kids room, wherein their favorite books are just right next to their bed all set for a perfect bedtime story time. You only need to prepare a fabric and a curtain rod brackets. Dont worry this is very lightweight as it only hangs perfectly on your wall allowing you to store books within your kids reach. Make your own now and be amazed with your own creativity.

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