Cute Wooden House Design

This cute wooden house design is actually from some wonderful technology from Garden Puzzle. You see, one of the more daunting tasks on customizing your own home, is to see how everything looks after it is finished. It is also hard to see what the landscaping will look like after the house has been constructed. With technology like garden Puzzle, you can easily experiment with a variety of outdoor plants and accents like furniture, lighting and planters. It is a great tool to "try before you buy" to see if your choices are the best way to compliment your home and oasis. The options vary from different floral types or hedges and bushes. You can try ornamental grasses and larger trees too. There are many different light sources you can try, and there are plenty of furniture options available. I even tried the lawn chairs and a tea table on the balcony. The plants are great as you can see what the exterior will look like during all of the seasons, as some flowers bloom at different times of the year. You can even use temporary enhancements like hanging baskets and planters and see what types look best on your cabin even before you go to the store. You can simply print out the picture and make a few notes of the type and size of plants used (and quantity) and TA-DA, a pain free and hassle free way to add artistic landscaping to your home before it has even been built!

Technology for building the cabins has advanced too. Now companies can pre-build the basic parts of your cabin, and assemble it on site in a matter of weeks versus traditionally taking months and months to build. The cabins can even be assembled on uneven terrain and eliminate the need for large concrete pads. The wood that is used for the cabins can be sustainable, as companies like to boast that they are good for the environment and back up these claims by using "harvested dead wood" that has been killed in a natural way like lightning, wind or beetles. This method is environmentally friendly, sustainable and a good way to ensure this natural resource will be able to be used for generations to come. If you have ever wondered what your custom ideas would look like when you design your own log home, Garden Puzzle should be a resource you try! Feel free to try it out via the link below!

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