Cheap Log Cabin Kits Between $5k And $15k

Have you been dreaming of living an off-grid life with the freedom to live as you've always dreamed of? Not having to pay an expensive home mortgage or pay rent to live somewhere you don't even own. Then the Hunter log home kit is an affordable way to get started. The Hunter log home kit from Wayside Lawn Structures supplies you with all you need to build a cosy log cabin or log home, in the location you choose. All of their products are made out of the highest quality lumber and made in the United States. The Hunter log home kit featured has everything you need to get started. The Hunter Log home kit starts at ten by 14 for $5,994 and goes up to 12 by 32 for $15,095. There are plenty of sizes in between so you are sure to find something to suit your needs. In the Hunter log home kit the kit includes the logs, the windows, roof and shingles, and staining of the logs as well. All you have to do is put the log cabin home kit together and move in.

This is a great log home kit to use as a vacation home in a location that you choose. Maybe you might want to have a summer vacation home beside the lake or river, a place where you and the family can enjoy holidays away. These pre-fabricated log home kits are just the thing to get you started. Think of the possibilities, you could even just live in this affordable log home while you build a bigger home, or you could always potentially add onto this small log cabin once your family starts growing. Some of the standard features of the Hunter log home kit include the two-inch tongue and groove floor with treated or white pine, a 32-inch entrance door with wood or steel, two gable vents, a loft above the porch, 30-year shingles or steel roof and stained with perma-chink.

The affordability of this log home kit for sale makes it so easy to be able to buy a piece of land and move off the grid and live a sustainable more eco-friendly life. The Hunter log cabin home kit makes it possible to live your passion and do what brings you joy instead of working so hard to pay off a home mortgage or to pay rent. The Hunter log home kit a wonderful way to think of the possibilities. Logs are an excellent option if you want to use a building material that is sustainable and good for the environment. Log home kits made out of pine or other varieties of wood are comfortable and healthy to stay in, and that probably has something to do with the thermal mass of the logs. Log home kits made out of wood are known to be energy efficient, and this is because of the thermal mass of the wood. A well-built log cabin home kit is typically cooler in the warm months of summer and warmer in the cold months of winter. Because of this, living and staying in log homes and log cabins is usually a nice experience, you may find yourself having some of the best sleep you've ever had. When you stay in a log home or log cabin you can feel comfortable breathing in because you know it is a natural building material.

The Hunter log home kit is just one of the log home kits for sale on the Wayside Lawn Structures site. On the site, you will not only find log home kits for sale, but you will also find log cabins, gazebos, pergolas, decks and fences, playhouses and so much more. **

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