Another Tiny Houses: Back for Good this Time

There are plenty of good reasons why people are downsizing and moving into tiny homes and small homes, affordability, oil prices, heating prices, the sustainability movement and so on, not to mention, how downsizing frees your life of clutter, and makes room for things that matter. This article "Another Tiny Houses: Back for Good this Time," talks about some of the reasons why small houses might be here to stay.

The market for small homes started to hit its stride in around 2008, then dropping energy prices brought people back to oversized mansions. Some people think that small homes are making a comeback, and this time are here to stay, I have to agree. Small houses are 'greener' than a large one, studies show when you double the size of your floor plan, you in turn triple its energy use. Blu Homes, out of Boston, Massachusetts, are now selling factory built, energy efficient small homes, not as tiny as many of the small homes, with the smaller option measuring out at 600 square feet, its still reduces the amount of energy a family would use.

This website is an excellent resource for some of your tiny home questions and inquiries. With some of the article and information on the site to include; design plans and elevations; inspirations, micro housing grows, videos, micro size green living; projects, make a bike hanger from up cycled bike parts and hang up your ride, portable collapsible hot tub you can travel with; systems for water, heat and power; codes, tiny house rules and permits; products, five products a tiny home must have, nomadic hot tubs in a duffle bag. Tiny homes really are picking up momentum, with more designs, styles and choices than ever before, tiny homes make efficient use of space, but can also look modern and beautiful to suit even the pickiest of homeowners.

To read more about this subject, visit the website below to the "Tiny Houses" website.

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