Amazing 161sqft Off Grid Tiny House In New Zealand Built For $17,500

Constructing your own dream house can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling projects you can undertake. Grabbing the chance to plan out and design each step of the process and making firm decisions about building it is a big responsibility to tackle, but can be very overwhelming for most. First thing that you have to undergo is taking the scope of your project into account before getting started in order to run it smoothly. You need to consider some factors and proper ways to design your home as well as to find the right location.

Designing was really the fun part of this project. You need to imagine your life living in a new space and spend some extra time researching for your floor plans for basis and consider using them as your own guide. You can actually find a lot of home building guides via internet. From what kind of room and number of rooms you want, the design of bathrooms, window style and special function rooms. The next part would be planning your budget. You need to begin thinking about how much can you afford to spend and how much it would likely to cost.

I know right at this moment, youre thinking and eager to sketch your own floor plan. Well just like you, a man named Brett Sutherland built his own superb little tiny house in New Zealand for a cost of $17,500 (NZ $21,000). Yeah! For only $17,500 (NZ $21,000), Brett designed his solar powered home with composting toilet. Everything youll see inside his house is powered by a 12V solar powered electrical system. At only 15 square meters, Brett Sutherland was able to construct his own tiny house treasure on his parents property. This contemporary tiny house is just a perfect and ultimate bachelors pad one could have. You may check Brett via and follow him via Facebook.

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