A Tiny House You Can Build for $3,500... that is ALSO Mobile, TOO COOL

Admit it: sometimes you think about owning your own car and house. And not just a house. A big one! Uhm…Yes. I think about it too. Sometimes… Ok, most the time! I mean, who doesn’t? When we are young so we think about our future. What kind of work will we have? How much would it pay? Will we own a luxurious car? Would it be fast? What kind of house would we live in? Would it be large? What kind of life would we have? Some of us dream of living in a big, comfortable house, with a large pool and a garden full of flowers. We even draw pictures with a “My Dream House” written on top of it.

Now you're on your own. You have your own job that does not really pay that much but enough to feed you three times a day and provide you everything you need to live. You are only renting, and now, you have decided to build your own home. A house that you have always dreamed of; a place you can call your own. However, with the amount of money you have, it is quite impossible to build or buy the house of your dreams. As a result, you settle on the idea that a tiny house might be the answer. A tiny house, with a comfy bed to sleep on at night, a table and a chair to fill your stomach and read a newspaper, a cute kitchen to cook your favorite food, a living room to relax while watching football, and a ‘2-in-1’ (bathroom and comfort room) room are all you can afford.

But does it really matter? Does it matter if you have a big or small house? Well, I can't speak for the rest, but a house with all the facilities I need, a room to sleep and bathe, a place to eat and relax, a roof to protect me day and night, walls to separate me from the outside world, is enough for me to say that I live in a tiny but bountiful home.

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