A Pedal-Powered Washer Needs No Electricity and Costs Only $40!

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I'm impressed, and that takes a lot. There are some things in life that exist and you donít even know about them, and then, you didnít even know you needed it until you saw it. Like radios and flashlights that run by cranking a handle. No cords, no batteries. And then there is the...Ta Daaaa! A Pedal-powered clothes washer that needs no electricity or batteries and costs only $40.00. This is too cool! And, at thrice the price, a bargain to boot.

The only thing I wonder about is why the manufacturer, Gira Dora, appears to be directing their marketing efforts only to less affluent international markets and third world countries. But then, they may not be and just found one of many market niches. Yes, this is a no-brainer for the poverty stricken, no question. But, have you ever camped, RVed, cottaged, lived off the grid or just traipsed across the countryside for more than a few days with nary a human creature comfort in sight, let alone a clothes washer? I donít know about you, but there are just some garments I prefer to not wear too often. Especially those that may be in too close a proximity to regular and expected bodily functions. Or those of others where I may need to share a very close space.

Regardless, this product is elegant in its basic design because of its simplicity, in addition to, its obvious human as well as ecological benefits. A clear winner in every way I can think of. Also, it reminds me of that salad spinning device that you can buy that dries out lettuce leaves. Which, by the way, appears to also be the follow-up clothes dryer product from the manufacturer. Only a bit bigger than the salad dryer.

Wow, a washer and dryer without electricity, batteries, fingers, hands, forearms, biceps as well as the aches and pains that come with washing clothes by hand. With the added bonus of probably costing less than $100, taxes in, the only question that remains is, "Hmmm. Where do I...?"

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