A Graceful, One-Story Log Bungalow with Endless Possibilities (Click to View Floor Plan)

Welcome to the flexible 1,237 Square foot Eemili Home Plan from House UK. Could this elegant log home bungalow be the right match for you? With its open-concept living room, dining room, and kitchen - not to mention its three bedrooms, and two bathrooms - itís definitely worth taking a look. If you notice its finished, painted exterior, youíll quickly realize this isnít your typical log home; itís slightly more refined, but with all the beauty and comfort every log home plan has to offer.

For families who prefer living all on one level, this is the ultimate log home option. This would be a well-suited living space for small children or elderly family members Ė with no stair issues, you wonít have to worry about anyone taking any tumbles, which can be a real load off your mind. Itís very easy to get around in here, and it would be an ideal space for those with walkers, wheelchairs, or scooters. And some people just prefer to live on one floor where everything is within close reach. Thatís the Eemili Log Home Ė itís all here: cozy comfort, light, and space, all on one beautiful floor. Another great feature is its terrace space outside Ė there are three separate patio areas offering three options for sitting outside and enjoying the view. Perhaps you could spend a whole day outside, simply moving from terrace to terrace, following the path of the sun!

Inside the Eemili Wood Home, youíll find three bedrooms nestled in the three far corners of the house, each with loads of room to get lost in. There is one full-sized bathroom with everything you need for an evening of pampering, and thereís a half-bathroom in case you just need to wash your hands. The best feature of this log home - and there are so many Ė is its open concept that joins the living room, dining room, and kitchen. It would be such a joy to spend a whole morning or afternoon cooking in this kitchen, always feeling like youíre a part of all the action in the rest of the house. The open space would also allow for all of the luscious cooking aromas to fill every room, intensifying everyoneís anticipation for the delicious meal to come. You will never feel isolated in this log home as every room is so connected. And, as with any of these log home plans offered from House UK, this one is very flexible. That means if you want to alter the blueprint in any way, you can. For example, if you need to add or tear down a wall, that can be done. If you need to add or remove a door or a window, that can be done too. And, if you need to expand the half-bathroom into a full one, or add an extra closet or two, consider it all done as well. Itís important for you to know that youíre the one in control here, and you can adapt the Eemili in any way you need to. You can truly make it yours! Not all floor plans are this malleable, so this is definitely an added bonus for people with different requirements.

This Eemili Log Home Plan listing comes from the Barretts Bridge Nurseries website, where thereís an exclusive selection available called ďHouse UKĒ. Here you will find high-end home plans of all shapes and sizes, including ones for wooden homes, log homes, log cabins, and even stylish flat-pack house-building packages. House UK is based in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire in the United Kingdom, but their log home designs come from all over the world.

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