20 Awesome Log Cabin Floor Plans that you can View for Free

Log cabins and homes have been being built for centuries all over the world, so they are a way of building that people have come to trust and rely on. Here is a great Hunting Cabin / Mountain Lodge At A Height of 1500. The benefits of choosing to build with log materials are great, you will have a sturdy building your can have for years to come, for years of enjoyment and use. You can even pass it on to your children and grandchildren to be used after you are gone. They last years when maintained and cared for.

The log cabins and homes that you will see on the Perr Blockhouses company website are a perfect example of a great, traditional style, very simple yet functional log cabin. Many people use these for hunting trips, when they go out into the wilderness to be able to hunt for a few days or a week at a time and not have to go home in between. These cabins could surely also be used for camps, or for a family cabin, it just depends on what you want to use it for personally. These could even make a great full time house if you wanted a smaller home to live in.

The design of these cabins are very simple, yet very lovely designs, sometimes simple is better. There are photos of the different ones that they build, and the different floor plans available to purchase. They can also work with you to find the perfect layout and floor plan you want. And can also have the materials helicoptered in if the land that is being built on is quite remote, or high up on a mountain top. Log cabins are wonderful structures and if you are looking to buy one, this might just be the place to do it! Head over to 'Perr Blockhouses' by following the link below for more!

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Finally! Log Home Plans with Pictures and Detailed Pricing!

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